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The temple is situated on a large plot of land, and has many idols of Hindu gods and goddesses inside it; However, no photography is allowed inside the temple, as it is a holy site where people come to worship, and there are many photographic alerts. The easily accessible location and the breathtaking natural beauty of the place is equally matched by the splendid architecture of the Dham. matches. The arched entrance of the temple is beautifully designed and the depiction of two fish at the entrance symbolizes luck and prosperity. The shikharas on the ornate pillars are constructed in a graded manner to give a majestic chhatri type appearance. The huge Dham is surrounded by lush green lawns, water bodies and fountains. It has meditation hall, seating area, center for handicapped and a grand temple of Shri Hanuman.

It features a grand chhatra form arranged in a hierarchical manner on ornate pillars. Hanuman Dham has a sitting area, a meditation hall, a center for the disabled and a grand temple of Shri Hanuman. Ramnagar is 7.5 kms from Hanuman Dham. From Ramnagar you can get taxi service and buses.

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