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Jim Corbett Waterfall is found 3 km from Kaladhungi which is welcomed by nature with the sound of water. Jim Corbett Falls is not spoiled by the travelers and the locals as evaluates Kempty Falls. People are very enthusiastic to see the cool clear water flowing from the height and the view here is quite breathtaking and captivates the mind of the tourists. Will attract The Corbett Falls gushes down from a height of 20 metres, accompanied by the chirping of birds. And here you will get to hear the chirping of many different types of birds and also get to see many birds.

The Corbett Falls area is a great place for camping, picnics or just relaxing. The forest officials have provided a lot of facilities for the guests. Regular transport services are available here so that nature lovers can enjoy the beauty with the convenience. Feel the peace spread all around and enjoy your eyes with the greenery spread all around and also feel the chirping of the birds melodious.

Corbett Fall is definitely the rustle of gorgeous leaves and the calmness here leaves every tourist mesmerized. This is a very nice picnic spot. Many people from far and wide come here with family tours. Close to the attraction is the 'Nature Walk' museum, where one can experience the pure nature in its primitive style and peace.

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